Did you know during and after the Pequot War, over 1500 Pequots were killed or enslaved?

Over the course of the Pequot War (from 1636-1638), over 1500 Pequots were killed, enslaved or placed under various local tribes.

Several skirmishes and battles at battlefield sites took the lives of Pequot men, women and children. Although the numbers are not definite, recent research had made a distinct effort to establish Pequot casualties during the war.

The Battle of Mistick Fort was undoubtedly the single most deadly battle for the Pequots, but the following pursuance of the English and their Native allies of Pequots who fled from their homelands was just as decimating. Many captured Pequot men were killed, while women and children were placed in captivity under other local tribes who had pledged their allegiance to the English. Some Pequots were sold into slavery by Massachusetts Bay to the Caribbean islands.