Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by landholders.  If you have any other questions for us please contact us! 


As a landholder, do I have to participate in the program?

  • No, it is completely voluntary.


Can private property be taken by the National Park Service or the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe?

  • No, private property can not be taken by any means.


How do you plan on surveying my property?

  • We would like permission to simply view your property to decide what potential there may be to find evidence of the battle.
  • If your property is of interest we would like permission to survey your property using metal detectors.  Most all of the evidence of battle we hope to find will be metallic.
  • If your property yields particularly strong evidence of battle we would like permission to conduct a limited archaeological investigation.


If I allow anyone to dig on my property will it ruin my yard?

  • It is standard professional archaeological practice to return the excavated area to its original state.  This means backfilling any land that was dug and reseeding the area with grass.


What if evidence of a battlefield is discovered?  What does that mean for me and my property?

  • Even if evidence is found, you will not be restricted in your rights of private property in the use, development or sale of your property.
  • Landholders are under no obligations whatsoever to participate in the Battlefield Protection Program.  Again, participation in a survey is voluntary.


What if any artifacts are found on my property?

  • Artifacts, notes, and any records amassed by the Pequot Museum during the American Battlefield Protection Program Grant Cycle will be donated to the National Park Service and permanently maintained by a National Park Service approved institution such as an appropriate local museum or university.


Are there any restrictions to private lands or land use if the property is designated as part of a battlefield?

  • If the property is modified or the integrity is negatively affected the property is simply no longer part of the battlefield.