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What happens to artifacts after they get dug up?

Last week, Tedd Levy (Old Saybrook Historical Society Trustee) and Robert Lorenz (photographer) visited our staff at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center. Tedd and Bob were curious… What happens to artifacts after they get dug up? Tedd and Bob have watched archaeologists excavate at the battlefield site of the “Siege and Battles of […]

Mark your calendars for a new program!

Friday, April 19, 1-2:30 pm New Witnesses to the Pequot War We now know SO much more after several years of research! Come learn about all of the discoveries, and compare it to previous knowledge… Pequot War researchers Dr. Kevin McBride and David Naumec share new insights about the battle based on their archaeological and […]

North Brookfield Historical Society – Research trip!

A significant part of our research at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center is identifying local material culture collections associated with the Pequot War and King Philip’s War of 1675-1676. We have been lucky to work with people from across New England and the United States – as well as overseas – at small […]

NPR Interview: Kevin McBride discusses archaeology at “Retreat from Mistick Fort”

Retracing The British Retreat Route During the Pequot War ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE TRACING THE ROUTE AND INTENSITY OF FIGHTING. By WNPR Staff Published: Jun 19, 2012 Audio: Dr. Kevin McBride interview on WNPR with Ray Hardman An Archeologist and a team of college students are spending the summer uncovering a little known chapter in Connecticut history. In 1637 […]

What is this artifact? Is it from the Pequot War?

Could you be a forensic archaeologist? What do YOU think the artifact below is? Is it from the Pequot War? The artifact below is from the site of the Battle of Mistick Fort, May 26th, 1637 of the Pequot War. It is iron, and hand-wrought (generally from a 17th-18th century time period). What do you […]

From the Field to the Lab

Right now, we (The Diggers) are working in Mystic, Connecticut where we expect to find evidence of the English and Native troops camp the evening before the fateful morning attack, what we now know as the Battle of Mystic Fort in May 1637. However, the metallic evidence on the landscape stretches hundreds of years, not […]