Old Saybrook Landholder Meetings

Old Saybrook Landholder Meetings

Battlefields of the Pequot War staff are hosting two upcoming meetings for landholders and the public in Old Saybrook.

Where: Acton Public Library (2nd Floor Public Meeting Room)

When: Wednesday, September 21st, at 10am

When: Tuesday, September 27th, at 7pm

Why: Battlefields of the Pequot War staff present an overview of the American Battlefield Protection Program, share information about upcoming archaeology at Saybrook Fort, and answer any questions landholders might have.

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An excerpt from “The New London Day“, published summer 2010:

“Few people are familiar with the 1636-38 Pequot War’s battles west of the Connecticut River, at Fort Saybrook – the area that is today Saybrook Point.

“In terms of the history of the Pequot War and over the hundreds of years that things have been written, the Mystic massacre – the Mystic Fort – is clearly far more visible,” said Kevin McBride, research director at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center. “But any historian with any knowledge of the Pequot War … they know a lot about Saybrook. Saybrook is a very important place. It’s the earliest settlement in Connecticut, it’s the focal point of the Pequot War. It may not be as visible in people’s minds, but it’s up there.”

“Our challenge is to identify where the fort was,” McBride said, “learning something about it and also identify all the other sites and actions and battles that took place around Saybrook Point. There was a lot.”

Historical panel describing the Pequot War, at the Memorial Statue site of Lion Gardener on Saybrook Point.