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May 1, 1637: Connecticut Colony Declares War

On May 1, 1637, Connecticut Colony declared war against the Pequot. This marked the first declared war in Connecticut between an indigenous people and English colonists. The conflict, though, had started well before the colony’s 1637 declaration. It stemmed from decades of tension and antagonism between not only the English colonists and the Pequot but […]

Technical Report: Battle of Mistick Fort Site Identification and Documentation

This report is the brief summation of research and field work completed during 2009-2012, and includes the site boundaries of the Battle of Mistick Fort. Download the Technical Report for the Battle of Mistick Fort: Site Identification and Documentation.

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New Pequot War Articles at! We have most recently been working with the staff of (who are, by the way, a delight!) in prepping and editing articles about the Pequot War for this go-to catch-all Connecticut history website. Take some time to peruse the depths of Connecticut history available…we certainly did! You can find our […]


Call for Abstracts: 17th Century Warfare, Diplomacy, & Society in the American Northeast October 17, 18, & 19, 2013 Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center, 110 Pequot Trail, PO Box 3180, Mashantucket, Connecticut 06338 Abstract Submission Deadline: February 1, 2013 The Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center, in conjunction with its 15th anniversary, presents the […]

North Brookfield Historical Society – Research trip!

A significant part of our research at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center is identifying local material culture collections associated with the Pequot War and King Philip’s War of 1675-1676. We have been lucky to work with people from across New England and the United States – as well as overseas – at small […]

NPR Interview: Kevin McBride discusses archaeology at “Retreat from Mistick Fort”

Retracing The British Retreat Route During the Pequot War ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE TRACING THE ROUTE AND INTENSITY OF FIGHTING. By WNPR Staff Published: Jun 19, 2012 Audio: Dr. Kevin McBride interview on WNPR with Ray Hardman An Archeologist and a team of college students are spending the summer uncovering a little known chapter in Connecticut history. In 1637 […]

What is this artifact? Is it from the Pequot War?

Could you be a forensic archaeologist? What do YOU think the artifact below is? Is it from the Pequot War? The artifact below is from the site of the Battle of Mistick Fort, May 26th, 1637 of the Pequot War. It is iron, and hand-wrought (generally from a 17th-18th century time period). What do you […]

Did you know? After the Pequot War, Pequot women & children were sold into slavery @ Isle of Nevis, Bermuda, & Providence Isle.

To some, the existence of slavery in New England is still foreign, and in fact, that many Natives in New England were enslaved is even more so. But it’s true. Diaries, letters and other various primary resources of the early colonial times document thousands of cases of both black and Natives, such as Pequot captives […]

Did you know after the war, surviving Pequots were placed under Niantic, Mohegan & Narragansett; & banished from their homeland?

The final act of the Pequot War was on September 21, 1638, when Miantinomi (Narragansett Sachem), Uncas (or Poquiam, Mohegan Sachem), John Haynes, Roger Ludlow and Edward Hopkins signed a tripartite treaty. Known as the Treaty of Hartford, this articles of agreement specified: Forbade any followers of Sassacus (Pequot Sachem) to be called Pequots. Denied […]

Learn: Great Swamp Fight of Fairfield

The Great Swamp Fight of 1637: Fairfield, Conn. (WTNH) – 374 years ago a violent battle took place in July in a swamp located within the borders of what would become Fairfield. “It was one of the last battles of the war, and significant in that it was the final blow if you will […]